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Since its initial publication in 2002 (Publication 645), International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP) has become an invaluable aid to trade finance professionals when creating documents for presentation under, or for the examination of documents presented under, a documentary credit. It comprises a compilation of banking practices that are to be applied when working with documentary credits that are subject to UCP 600. ISBP demonstrates how the principles and content of UCP 600 should be integrated into day-to-day practice by providing readers with detailed practices that are to be considered and applied when working with different trade documents (invoices, transport documents, insurance documents, certificates of origin…). ISBP also provides coverage of documents which are not specifically mentioned in UCP.

New to this edition

The 2023 edition of ISBP covers, practices identified from Opinions approved by ICC national committees since 2013, and clarifies amongst others:

  • Terminology
  • Preliminary conditions
  • Signatures and signs
  • Multimodal transport document
  • Insurance documents 

International Standard Banking Practice — 2023 edition is the most up to date guide for the examination of documents under documentary credits reflecting practices agreed by ICC national committees. It also serves as an aid to a beneficiary of a documentary credit in its creation and presentation of documents to a nominated bank or issuing bank. The publication should always be read in conjunction with UCP 600. 

821E ICC International Standard Banking Practice ISBP

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