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Become a member

ICC is the world’s most networked business organisation reaching over 45 million companies in more than 170 countries – a total employment footprint of over 1 billion people. Joining ICC makes business sense.


Become part of our network.

What are the benefits of joining ICC? 

Amplify your profile

Access to international decision makers

and engage with global business leaders,

experts, international institutions, national

governments and wider stakeholders


Influence the global priorities, rules and

standards that shape the way we trade


Broaden client networks

Support your supply chains

Develop your talent and drive

innovation across your business


Gather insight and intelligence

Shape the outcome of government dialogues

Members represent a broad cross-section of business activity, including manufacturing, trade, services, banking and law in more than 170 countries, ranging from the world’s largest companies to SMEs, business associations, banks, law firms, and local chambers of commerce. 

ICC’s network is unparalleled. It offers the privilege of being uniquely placed to understand the practical challenges faced by businesses of all sizes and speak on its behalf, with authority, to policymakers that determine decisions affecting how business operates on a day-to-day basis.    

With access to governments and international forums, ICC ensures the voice of our members is heard on all aspects of business including trade, investment, sustainability, taxation, competition law and intellectual property. Members of ICC are informed of what matters at an early stage and provided constructive guidance on how to engage in relevant policy discussions. They also play an active part in drawing up rules and guidelines that can help business reduce costs and uncertainties – on arbitration, international banking issues and commercial contracts. 

The diversity of our members is reflected in the solutions we deliver, combining global perspective with local expertise towards one core purpose: to enable business to secure peace, prosperity and opportunity for all. 


Why ICC? 

International status and scale of network

Depth of knowledge and expertise on trade

Neutral convener to bring all parties to the table to deliver solutions that work for everyone

Close working relationships with government

Global influence

Policy innovator

ICC in Numbers

$280 bn

cases per annum 

The ICC International Court of Arbitration, launched in 1923 provides a global mechanism to settle international disputes — 23,000 cases since 1923, $280 billion cases processed per annum

$25 tn

of world trade 

ICC rules underpin $25 trillion 

2 000 

business experts 

ICC policy forums bring together over 2,000 world business experts to develop positions, rules and standards.


of world trade

ICC Digital Standards Initiative is the coordinating body for digitalising 60–80% of world trade by 2026


of global  trade finance

ICC Banking Commission is the global selfregulating body for global trade finance governing 40% of global trade finance

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