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ICC Academy

The educational arm of the International Chamber of Commerce with industry-recognised professional qualifications, authored by ICC experts. 

Learnings by ICC











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Professional Certificates

Professional certificates

Internationally accredited by:
Container Ship

The online ICC's professional certification for the Incoterms® 2020 rules

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Increase your career options or your team's capabilities with the ICC’s advanced, wide-ranging trade finance certification

Construction Site

Learn how to do business across borders with the ICC's international trade certification. 

Container Yard

Learn to simplify complex free trade agreements so you can access new markets and reduce costs. 

Accountant at Work

Understand the key elements of the Common Reporting Standard so you can incorporate them as part of a holistic compliance operating model. 


Introductory, online trade finance training from the ICC

Short courses

Stock Exchange

Develop a foundational understanding of global trade and how companies settle their cross border commercial activities

Accountant at Work

This letter of credit course will teach you the importance of LCs in enabling trade, and their versatility in addressing a range of client needs

Signing a Contract

This letter of credit training course provides a detailed review of documentary credits, from structuring and issuance to document verification to financing and settlement

Stock Exchange

Get a practical overview of the high-growth area of supply chain finance (SCF)—an emerging proposition which covers the majority of global trade flows.

Praying In Mosque

Understanding of the core principles, the various norms and prohibitions that govern activities and contracts in the Islamic financial system. 

Business Meeting

An in-depth look at how standby letters of credit work, the purposes for which they can be used and the rules and regulations governing them

Tall Buildings

Learn the practices and processes necessary to be a successful trade finance sales person, including the key steps to identify, select and prioritize customers.

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Get to grips with the digital trade ecosystem including the advent of fintechs, the legal, regulatory and commercialisation challenges involved. 

Stock Market

Learn more about the issuance of a bank guarantee, the use of counter guarantees and more complex transactions. 

In house learnings by ICC 

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Discover the best of both worlds with ICC's comprehensive training solutions.


While online learning offers flexibility and convenience for your employees to study at their own pace, in-house training provides a tailored and immersive learning experience. Participants can engage in group discussions, receive peer feedback, and interact with instructors during Q&A sessions.

ICC offers two types of in-house trainings:

Knowledge-Based Training: Our expert-led sessions aim to enhance practitioners' capabilities by imparting essential knowledge and know-how for successful entry into and navigating international markets. Delivered either face-to-face or via live webinar by ICC's international experts, these sessions ensure participants gain invaluable insights and skills.

Customized Round Tables and Workshops: Leveraging our unique position, ICC organizes in-house round table discussions and workshops tailored to address your organization's specific needs. Whether it's dilemma sessions, speak-up trainings, or diversity and inclusion workshops, we facilitate critical conversations and foster new perspectives to empower your organization's growth.

Contact us today to explore how ICC's in-house trainings can drive meaningful transformation and innovation within your organization.

Why choose us?

Looking to train your team?
Combine E-learning with our customised face-to-face training or online workshops.

Innovative and flexible online learning for global
trade professionals

Market-leading professional certifications

Tailored livecasts and webinars on in- demand

Relevant curriculum
developed by renowned


Access to ICC’s extensive global network

Expert Trainers:

Learn and interact with the International Chamber of Commerce
(ICC’s) unrivalled roster of international experts either face-to-face or via live webinar.​

Small Groups:

Deepen your knowledge with small ‘Working Groups’ which facilitate
enriching, inspiring and interactive classes.

Improve Effectiveness:

Self-paced online learning, with concepts being reinforced in a face-to face/ live classroom setting.

Personalised Sessions:

Tailor-made programme to equip participants with the know-how
to manage multi-dimensional aspects of the subject matter in a
supportive environment.

Interactive Learning:

Our sessions include quizzes, scenario discussions with other students and lectures are followed by Q&As with the trainer.

Industry Standard:

Earn an internationally recognised ICC certificate signed by the ICC Secretary General. Use it to signal your expertise to clients.

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