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Partner meeting

Greenwashing: Let's be real

Following our engaging partner meeting held on April 24th, 2024, at the prestigious Beursgebouw in Amsterdam, we are delighted to share a glimpse of the event through captivating pictures and a brief summary of our discussions.

Snapshot of the Gathering:
The meeting, graciously hosted by Stichting DSI, provided a dynamic platform for stakeholders to convene and delve into the intricate subject of greenwashing. Against the backdrop of the historic Stock Exchange building, attendees immersed themselves in insightful conversations and exchanged perspectives on combating greenwashing practices.

Key Highlights, 8 calls to action: 

  • Alignment in Communication: Enhance alignment between industry definitions and investor expectations. Communication professionals should clearly convey the real-world impacts and limitations of investment products, ensuring transparency and clarity.

  • Open Dialogue on Investment Outcomes: Foster honest discussions, led by organizational leadership, regarding the outcomes of investments. Encourage transparency about achievable goals and the tradeoffs involved in allocating capital.

  • Common Understanding of Sustainability: Develop a shared understanding of sustainability within the investment industry. Recognize that ESG serves as a lens for understanding sustainability factors but does not define sustainability itself. Explicitly outline the consequences and tradeoffs of pursuing sustainability goals.

  • Direct Policy Action over Transparency: Advocate for more direct policy action, such as carbon taxes and clean energy incentives, rather than relying solely on financial market regulations like SFDR. Emphasize that financial markets are enablers, not drivers, of sustainability.

  • Focus on Better Regulation: Prioritize better regulation over increased regulation. Address the limitations of current disclosure frameworks and ensure that sustainable investments deliver real-world contributions to sustainability goals.

  • Realistic Risk Profiles for Sustainable Investments: Recognize the inherent risk in sustainable investments and avoid equating them with traditional products. Acknowledge that achieving sustainability outcomes may require accepting higher risk profiles.

  • Navigate Data Challenges: Utilize data as a supporting tool, not as the sole determinant of sustainability. Avoid outsourcing the definition of sustainability to data providers, as it increases greenwashing risks. Encourage initiatives like the European Commission's efforts to improve the reliability and comparability of ESG ratings.

  • Establish Industry Standards: Strengthen industry standards to build trust and consistency in sustainable investing. While avoiding complete standardization to allow for innovation, establish clearer definitions of sustainability to reduce confusion among investors. Empower investors to assess sustainability based on actual impact, supported by ongoing education and critical assessment within organizations.

Looking Ahead:
As we reflect on the success of our recent gathering, we remain committed to advancing dialogue and collaboration in our collective pursuit of integrity. Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives and opportunities to continue our shared mission.

We extend our sincere gratitude to all participants for their contributions to the success of the event and especially to Stichting DSI.

For more information about the Week of integrity and our ongoing initiatives, visit our website

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