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Signing a Contract

Model contracts and clauses

ICC model contracts and clauses provide businesses – from start-ups to SMEs to multinationals – with practical legal tools for international trade, including export/import, confidentiality and force majeure.

Our easy-to-use model contracts and clauses are drafted by legal experts from across ICC’s worldwide network, providing balanced, neutral templates rich with guidance for use across legal jurisdictions.   

The renowned series of ICC models covers a broad range of key topics arising in international trade, from sale, agency and distribution to intellectual property to anti-corruption. 

Who are ICC model contracts and clauses for ?  

ICC models can be used by anyone looking for a balanced international template, from start-ups to SMEs all the way to the biggest corporations and law firms.  Featuring expert guidance notes, the models provide a solid foundation for a range of legal transactions. They also serve as a neutral international benchmark that can help guide negotiations among even the most experienced legal practitioners. As with any models, they should be checked before signature by a lawyer to ensure compliance with relevant local legal and regulatory requirements.  

How are ICC model contracts and clauses different from other those of other organisations? 

ICC models stand apart because they are drafted by global experts to be used across all jurisdictions and to provide balanced solutions representing the interests of all parties.  Unlike many other organisations’ models, ICC models do not favour any industry sector, geography, or category of parties (such as sellers or buyers).   

Options for dispute resolution include renowned ICC Arbitration or litigation in national courts. Regarding the choice of applicable law to govern any disputes that may arise, ICC models provide users the innovative choice of either a particular national law or  — where such option is not favoured — general principles of international commercial law.   


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