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ICC Netherlands

Empowering Dutch Business for over a Century.

ICC facilitate and promote international trade with independence, multisectoral insight, and recognized excellence.

Trade runs deep in the heart of the Netherlands – it’s an integral part of our national identity, a tradition that has shaped our past and continues to drive our future. At the Dutch chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), we harness this legacy to facilitate and promote international trade. Our unique independent, multisectoral and recognised position enables us to operate at various scales.  

Whether it is fostering country-to-country collaborations through the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation or championing the voice of business on a global stage, as part of the ICC WBO, we have the opportunity to harness national position and ensure it is heard at a global level. This includes representation at COP, OECD, G20, WTO or as the sole business representative observer at the United Nations.

We recognize that global trade must evolve to meet the challenges of sustainability and climate action. Our advocacy and solutions are thus designed to balance economic growth with ecological and social responsibility, ensuring that Dutch businesses lead by example in the global market.

ICC Netherlands is dedicated to being the trusted voice of Dutch business in these critical international dialogues. We ensure that Dutch business interests have a seat at the table, influencing decisions that shape global trade policies. But our mission is also local; we are equally committed to ensuring that national decisions resonate positively with the international aspirations of Dutch businesses, ensuring Dutch business can keep its unique position in international trade.

Our advocacy is not limited to dialogue; it extends to providing tangible business solutions and offering independent dispute resolution services. At both national and international levels, our efforts are geared towards creating a conducive environment for trade, fostering growth, sustainability and securing the future of Dutch commerce in the global market.

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At ICC, we make business work for everyone, every day, everywhere. 

ICC Strategic priorities

With the growing fragmentation of trade and increased protectionism, ICC drives the efforts to make global trade more frictionless and accessible for businesses of all sizes. We enable global trade by delivering business tools and rules to our network of over 45 million member companies in more than 170 countries around the world, while acting as their voice in a range of intergovernmental organisations. From the United Nations to the WTO, we drive efforts to make global trade easier and more efficient for businesses of all sizes.

Access to justice, integrity and respect for the rule of law are core foundations of a functioning economy. ICC establishes frameworks for successful governance, fights corruption in all its forms and is a leader in dispute resolution with the International Court of Arbitration, the world’s leading international body for the mediation and resolution of commercial disputes.

As the climate emergency gets ever more pressing, business can be a force for good and lead the charge towards a more sustainable future, ICC is advancing bold climate-focused actions. We believe businesses must play a role in fighting climate change and we work at the highest levels of international organisations to create the legislation that will enable them to do it in the most coordinated and impactful way.

As digital becomes the major driving force of the world economy, fairness in access, strong ethical standards and reliable protection from cybercrime are critical to ensure an open trusted and interoperable digital economy. ICC believes that digitalisation has the power to create more inclusive, more efficient and more sustainable global trade, which will in turn increase global prosperity, peace and stability for all.

In the face of escalating geopolitical tensions and a shifting world order, the need for multilateralism has become more critical than ever for international trade. ICC has over 100 years of history working to strengthen cooperation between nations and different governmental organisations to enable business to promote peace and prosperity for all. We represent businesses from almost every nation in the world, and work to increase partnerships and establish international standards that promote collaboration and multilateral solutions. We engage with key international organisations like the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the OECD and the World Bank.


More than 170 professionals, members of ICC Netherlands, are actively involved in Dutch and international ICC policy committees, working on standards, self-regulation, and policy recommendations to governments. The Dutch priorities are formulated in committees and established during the general member meetings of ICC Netherlands.

The office of ICC Netherlands, located in the Malietoren in The Hague, is led by Ms. Laure Jacquier, Secretary-General.

The Dutch section of the ICC maintains daily contact with the international secretariat of the ICC in Paris and co-determines the agenda of the international organization.

The daily management is composed of the chair and vice-chair of ICC Netherlands.

In addition, the Board of Directors consists of the following members:

Ms. Mirjam Bakker-Vergouw, ABN AMRO (Chair)

Mr. Reinoud Mangelmans, Philips (Vice-Chair)
Mr. Achraf Abourida, ING
Mr. Han van Delden, KPMG
Ms. Sylvia Dikmans, Houthoff
Mr. Aernout van Citters, Tata Steel
Mr. Jos Huigen, KPN
Mr. Sander Korving, Van Oord
Mr. Louis van Lennep
Ms. Sanne Overbosch, Shell
Mr. Jasper van Schaik, Rabobank

The Chair of the global Executive Board of ICC The world business organization is Maria Fernanda Garza. The First Vice-Chair is Philippe Varin.

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An internship at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) presents a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a global organization that stands at the forefront of addressing today's critical business issues.


With a focus on developing innovative solutions, ICC offers an environment where interns can truly evolve professionally and personally. As an organization, ICC is dynamic and fast-paced, encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Interns have the chance to contribute to and learn from our solution-focused projects, gaining invaluable experience that spans across various business sectors and international boundaries.

At ICC Netherlands, we are deeply committed to Diversity and Inclusion. We believe that our strength lies in the diversity of our people, and we are dedicated to fostering an environment that celebrates this diversity. Our commitment extends to inspiring acceptance and cultivating a culture where differences are not only recognized but valued. We strive to create a space where inclusion is essential, ensuring that equality of opportunity is available to everyone, regardless of their background.

Joining ICC as an intern means becoming part of a team that is passionate about making a difference in the global business landscape. It is an opportunity to be at the heart of international commerce, contributing to projects that have a real impact on the global economy.


If you are eager to be part of an innovative and fast-paced organization that is focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities of today's business world an internship at ICC might be the perfect fit for you.

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