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The 2007 revision of the Rules will enter into force on 1 July 2007. UCP 600 contains important new provisions on transport, insurance and compliance standards, which will facilitate the use of documentary credits for years to come.

This revision includes a new "Definitions" section giving the exact meaning of key terms, new standards regarding transaction declines, as well as other changes to the Rules.

UCP 600 also contains version 1.1 of the eUCP, which contains 12 additional sections governing the submission of electronic documents.
Since their first publication in 1933, the UCP have proved to be indispensable to the smooth running of international trade. Bankers, lawyers, importers, exporters, transporters and other professionals engaged in international trade will refer to the UCP 600 on a daily basis.

The International Chamber of Commerce, the global business organization based in Paris, is the world leader in the development of guides and rule-making to guide the smooth running of business around the world.

600E-N UCP 600, 2007 revision, Dutch-English edition

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